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Company vacancies

We are looking for enthusiastic specialists to work on an interesting and promising project.

Data Scientist

Computer vision

We are working on a product that helps to form the design of rooms based on artificial intelligence technologies. Three people (DS, back, front) are engaged in the technical component on an ongoing basis. There is a pre-alpha version of the application, we are preparing to show it to key investors.
What should you do?
It is necessary to maintain and improve the basic solution: current projects use semantic segmentation, ranking based on metric learning and a bit of discrete optimization. There are many points of application of machine learning in the project, so the potential range of technologies is limited by your imagination when solving specific business needs, for many of which there is no ready-made solution (and it is still unknown whether it exists in principle). It is necessary not to be afraid of such tasks, to be ready to study new areas for yourself.
We have recently moved from the research stage to preparing for the beta release, so there is an opportunity to participate in building the architecture and optimizing processes. Now the ML part is considered on the server side, works as a web api and is wrapped in Docker.

* Experience in implementing Deep Learning models for commercial projects
* Outlook in the field of computer vision (neural networks: classification, segmentation, detection, ranking. Minimal knowledge of classical CV methods)
• Experience with OpenCV
* Confident knowledge of PyTorch and / or TensorFlow (current PyTorch solution)
* Knowledge of Python and the ability to write effective code
* Basic algorithmic training: tree traversal, graph path search, asymptotic complexity of the algorithm, etc.
* Slope in MLE
* Knowledge of C++/Java
• Experience working with graphs, GAN
* Understanding the work of CUDA
* Participation in the development of applications for iOS/Android
* Experience in optimizing grids for mobile platforms
It will be a plus:
* Wins or participation in Kaggle/Hackathons/Math contests
• Everything that you consider your plus :)
Registration through the sole proprietor.
Please send your resume and any questions to the email hr@artmind.ai

Unity Developer

3D premises modeling

Required work experience: 1-3 years
The startup team is looking for Unity developer.
If you want to participate in a new unique project, be a pioneer, and are not afraid of complex and non-standard tasks, join us!
Full employment. Fork 150-180 tr. According to the results of the trial period, an option is possible, the terms of which will be fixed in the contract.

What are we doing?
We are working on a product that helps to form the design of a room based on artificial intelligence technologies. A lot of work with graphics and serious mathematics.
We will be glad to see in our ranks developers and researchers, 3D graphics enthusiasts with a deep understanding of the interaction of the CPU/GPU when drawing graphics, experience with rendering and its optimization, as well as good algorithmics.

• Experience in developing game applications in Unity3D for at least 2 years
* Excellent knowledge of C# and the platform .NET
• Good algorithmic (algorithms and data structures) and mathematical base (vectors, quaternions, matrics)
* Knowledge of OOP and design patterns

* Experience in developing games for mobile devices
* Experience writing native plugins for iOS and Android
• Experience with git, Bitbucket, Jenkins

.Net Developer

Back-end services development

Design and development of backend services, DBMS, data processing algorithms.

Mandatory experience:
- experience in developing asynchronous REST services for NET CORE 3.1 and higher
- experience with relational databases PostgreSQL / MySQL / MSSQL or Oracle
- experience in websocket technologies
- experience with redis
- docker
- git

A plus will be the experience of working with:
kubernates, experience in linux administration, working with cloud services (one of: yandex, aws, google, azure), working with deployment automation tools, for example ansible

Please send your resume and any questions to the email hr@artmind.ai